Before they were reunited at an Angels Of Hope orphanage in Guyana, Devine and her sisters had little hope for the future.

The girls were physically abused by their parents and often witnessed them using drugs. Forced to care for themselves, Devine’s 5-year-old sister, Destyne, would rummage through trash bins for food to fill her empty stomach. In order to cope, this sweet little girl made up a song with the lyrics “Mommy, don’t hit me with that stick.”

Abandoned and alone most of the time, the girls were eventually rescued by local authorities and separated into different orphanages. Devine and Destyne were put in a home together, but Devine’s 10-year-old sister, Gabriel, was placed in another home all by herself.

Last year, the girls were reunited at an Angels Of Hope orphanage that is supported by loving donors like you.

Left to right: Destyne, Gabriel and Devine
Left to right: Destyne, Gabriel and Devine

“I used to never see them,” Devine said. “Now, they live with me.”

Back together again, the girls are thriving. Devine loves to do her homework and read to Destyne. A natural performer, Devine enjoys singing and leading school performances.

“I pray to Him,” Devine said.“I pray for the Lord to protect me and to be obedient.”

What does hope do for innocent children? Hope changes everything…

Thank you for being a spring of hope for orphaned or abandoned children like Devine and her sisters!

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