Katiana Antoine is a recent graduate of Florida International University. She enjoys writing and volunteering for different causes, and especially loves working with young children and youth. She is looking forward to joining us at our Join The Pack event on June 4.

How often do you starve? Sounds a bit silly, but if we “starved” as often as many of us claim it could amount to at least once a day.


High volumes of starvation might occur somewhere around lunch time and some of us even claim to be “starving to death”. So this was my reality check: starvation and temporary hunger are two completely different things! True starvation due to an indefinite lack of resources is something we will probably never experience. However, for countless people around the world starvation is a reality. What’s more disheartening is that this dreadful reality is a daily threat to innocent children.

Maybe you’re like me and have been aware of children starving in third world countries due to poverty, but haven’t done much to reach out. And if there’s something else we might have in common, it could be that, though we understand the need of malnourished children, we haven’t been too clear on ways to help. The good news is there are many great, existing efforts that we can join.

I am pleased to have recently signed up to join Food For The Poor’s community meal packing event, “Join The Pack.” For this event, teams of volunteers will work together to pack 100,000 meals to help save the lives of starving children in Haiti. I am excited to be an ambassador for this initiative, taking the lead to form a team of 20 compassionate people who are caring enough to make a difference through meal packing and fundraising. Food For The Poor is committed to providing help to Haiti and alleviating conditions due to poverty, so being a part of this initiative means being a part of a larger effort of establishing hope.

Personally, joining the pack also means taking my awareness and genuine concern for starving children to the next level. That is, doing something about it. Consider that the lives of the children we are working to save are just as important as children we know and care for. I hope that you will take action by joining the pack with me. Now let’s pack with pride!

You are invited to the Join The Pack kickoff event on April 12, 2016 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. at Food For The Poor’s office in Coconut Creek. This is a great way learn more about how you can participate in the event. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, please visit www.foodforthepoor.org/jointhepack or call Cassandra at 888-404-4248.