As the numbers roll in from our colleagues and partners throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, we wanted to present a slice of what your support helped to accomplish in 2012.

While facts and figures tend to make people’s eyes glaze over, keep in mind that these numbers represent how you helped to absolutely transform the lives of impoverished individuals, families and communities. You filled bellies, provided shelter and education, and you healed brokenness. These are all remarkable feats that deserve celebrating!

 Consider what you helped to accomplish in 2012:

77 water wells were drilled in Haiti

1,172 housing units went up in Jamaica

– In Honduras, 1,386 houses were built for families in need of shelter

37 tractor-trailer sized containers full of basic necessities were shipped to Trinidad

– The Xela Community Development project in Guatemala continues to change the lives of more than 150 families, thanks to the provision of safe housing, clean water, income-generating Tilapia Ponds, a community center, a (Pelibuey) goat farm, a chicken incubation plant, family chicken coops, reforestation initiatives, and home gardening

– In Guyana, the Hosanna Village was constructed in the community of Mashabo, and construction was started on 40 homes and a water project for the Swan Village

9 schools were built in Haiti

This is just a small picture of how you tangibly changed the world and improved lives in 2012. Let’s keep up the great, lifesaving work in 2013! Get started by choosing a need or country to help at

Let's keep working hard to  help little ones in need in 2013!
Let’s keep working hard to help little ones in need in 2013!