On January 13, 40 third grade students from Palm Beach Day Academy in Palm Beach, Florida, visited Food For The Poor’s Coconut Creek headquarters. Four years ago, the school began a partnership with Food For The Poor as a way to teach the students to be globally competent citizens.

During their visit, the students met with several staff members including President/CEO Robin Mahfood, Haiti Project Manager Delane Bailey-Herd, Missions Director Leann Chong, and Staff Photographer Hilda Perez.

The children investigated the stories that lie beneath the surface of photos, statues, and artifacts. They examined the mud cookies that poor mothers in the countries we serve make from clay and salt, and bake in the sun. Mothers will feed their babies these cookies so they will stop crying from hunger. The Palm Beach Day students also visited the Food For The Poor distribution center.

Sarah Evans, a teacher at PBDA, says, “The work that Food for the Poor does provides us with a platform for engaging students in perspective-taking activities, which have led students to investigating the world and eventually, taking action. Often students take action by raising awareness, but sometimes, students decide to raise money independently.”

The ongoing partnership between the school and the charity has led to several projects, which include raising money to build homes and a school in Haiti, and funding a child’s education for a year.