A Letter to Guatemala

Last month, Sarah Stachak traveled with us on a “Journey of Hope” to Guatemala. Her trip inspired her to write this heartfelt letter. Dear Guatemala, Gracias por abrir mis ojos a su cultura, gente hermosa y recordándome cuáles son las verdaderas prioridades: survival, family and faith. The day our mission team flew to Guatemala, the […]

Food For The Poor Public Relations Associate Michael Turnbell traveled to Haiti for the first time in August and visited with the children of Alpha Village. (Photo/ Food For The Poor)

Hope in Haiti

By Michael Turnbell   In Haiti, little things make a huge impact. The joy of a child seeing his or herself in a picture for the first time. A new soccer ball. A piece of candy. New shoes or a beautiful handmade dress with a matching doll. Most of the time, just the gift of […]

Hungry Eyes team photo

Hungry Eyes Team Packs Meals with a Heart for Haiti

Food For The Poor donor and Join The Pack team captain Julie Steere shares her experience of our recent meal packing event. Nearly 300 starving children in Haiti will receive food every day for a year from Food For The Poor, thanks to volunteers who packed 101,088 lifesaving meals during the charity’s first Join The […]

Left to right: Destyne, Gabriel and Devine

Sisters Reunited

Before they were reunited at an Angels Of Hope orphanage in Guyana, Devine and her sisters had little hope for the future. The girls were physically abused by their parents and often witnessed them using drugs. Forced to care for themselves, Devine’s 5-year-old sister, Destyne, would rummage through trash bins for food to fill her […]

father tony

Mission Trip to Haiti: Gathered Up by Their Love and Joy

Fr. Tony Palazzolo, a Food For The Poor Speaker, recently returned from leading a Mission trip to Haiti, and he shared his reflections on the experience. This was one of the most memorable Mission experiences for me personally. Why? Because of the dramatic change/improvement we experienced in [the village of] La Fosse from the previous […]


Join The Pack to Help Starving Children in Haiti

Katiana Antoine is a recent graduate of Florida International University. She enjoys writing and volunteering for different causes, and especially loves working with young children and youth. She is looking forward to joining us at our Join The Pack event on June 4. How often do you starve? Sounds a bit silly, but if we “starved” […]