Mesi, Haiti

By Hannah Griffith, a young parishioner from the Church of the Nativity in Burke, VA, who recently returned from a mission trip to Haiti with Food For The Poor. Often times we think of communication and connection going hand-in-hand, but what happens when communication is limited? Many of us wondered how we would share the […]

Haiti Love

Even after many visits to Haiti, Food For The Poor’s Director of Public Relations, Kathy Skipper, is moved to share the experience of her most recent journey of hope. Falling into loving arms, we return to Haiti, embraced by smiles, heat, hugs and the haze of dirt and charcoal fires. We won’t be here long […]

Growing Up Daysi

Daysi was so severely malnourished she could barely stand by herself and was so sick she couldn’t eat. Her family lived in Honduras beneath a canopy of trees deep in a mountainside forest, surrounded by a coffee plantation. Her family barely earned $10 a week, so there was rarely enough food. A stray pig had […]

Guerdy’s Story

FOND ROUGE DAHERE, HAITI By:  Debi Springer Deep in the heart of a mountain region in southwest Haiti a group of women, children and men survived the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. They live quietly, supporting each other by giving and sharing whatever they have. When someone finds food, the entire community partakes. At night, they […]

Hope for Haitians

Since 2001, a group of compassionate Illinoisans have been partnering with Food For The Poor to provide life’s essentials for the poor of Haiti. “Hope for Haitians” has established nine village building projects (with a total of 365 new homes), and a whole lot more to help people in need. They’ve also provided: Clean water […]

More Than a Roof and Four Walls

Joseph Hamaty is a Program Specialist in Food For The Poor’s Church and School Department, where he helps oversee the Operation Starfish and Combined Federal Campaign initiatives. Here he shares about a trip to the poor community of El Bejucal, Guatemala. We drove over treacherous terrain in a mountainous area of Guatemala called El Bejucal.  […]

FFP in Dominica

By Robby Brumberg Dominica is a jaw-droppingly beautiful place, filled with spectacular beaches, mountains, waterfalls and other protected natural beauty, but nearly a third of all Dominica residents live in poverty. Here are a few more things you might not know about the “Nature Island of the Caribbean.” That cool looking bird on Dominica’s flag […]

Planting a Future

Matt Herzel is Food For The Poor’s very talented Multimedia Developer. He traveled to Haiti earlier this year, where he saw how FFPs reforestation efforts are making barren landscapes fruitful once again.  By Matt Herzel Travel from the Dominican Republic across the border into Haiti and two things immediately strike you: the beautiful, rugged hills, […]

FFP in Guyana

By Robby Brumberg Food For The Poor is marking 23 years of working to help the poor in Guyana this month. To celebrate this anniversary of charitable partnership and cooperation, here are a few things of note about the beautiful South American country. Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America. Despite its large […]

2013 Annual Report

Every day, you, our Food For The Poor donors, change lives and transform communities throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Over the course of a year, that generosity adds up to 365 days worth of miracles, blessings and hallelujahs for poor families. Have a look at just a few things you made possible in 2013. […]

Be Like Tessanne

We are grateful for “The Voice” winner Tessanne Chin, and for people like her who use their platform to promote the needs of others. Folks like Tessanne and celebrity chef Ron Duprat who use their star power for good are making such a huge impact on the lives of people in need. Here’s a video […]

One Week in Haiti

Fourteen people who came from California, Rhode Island and states in between are in Haiti this week to share their blessings and roll up their sleeves. On the agenda: make school children smile, help dish out lifesaving food, paint a home, and be a witness to families living in despair. Victoria, an employee at Food […]

Beekeeping in Jamaica

One of the many ways FFP works to empower (rural and urban) farmers in Jamaica is through beekeeping. In addition to the benefit beekeepers receive from managing hives and producing honey, the projects are great for the bees themselves. With the alarming trend of bee populations being decimated around the world, healthy beekeeping projects are all […]

Carla, an Angel Of Hope

The Angels Of Hope program sponsors children who were neglected or abandoned. Through the compassionate support of donors, the children are clothed, fed and schooled. Most importantly, they are shown God’s love. Here, Angels Of Hope Program Director Tricia Szymanski visits with Carla, one of the sponsored children benefiting from the program, at a home […]

An Enduring Commitment

One of the things that I have found most inspiring since coming to work at Food For The Poor is our donors’ dedication. I have heard many stories about individuals or groups who have traveled to Haiti or Jamaica three, six, 10 times. They see that the need in these countries persists, and they persevere: […]

Reforesting Haiti

Much has been said and written about Haiti’s deforestation problem. With good reason. Unabated chopping down of trees to produce charcoal – many Haitians’ chief source of fuel – has turned a once lush, beautifully forested country into one of the most deforested countries in the world. This has caused a tremendous amount of issues; […]

My New Hero

Here’s a quick one from FFP Radio On-Air Fundraiser Paul Jacobs. He just got back from Guatemala, where he made some new friends and met a new hero. By: Paul Jacobs … so, the way it works is that children are supposed to be served and cared for by us, NOT  run from house to house […]

A heart-to-heart

Food For The Poor staff photographer Benjamin Rusnak snapped this poignant photograph of Sister Edna Morales and a young friend in February 2011 during a visit to the FFP-supported nutritional center where she works. Guatemala has the highest rate of child malnutrition in the Western Hemisphere, and Sister Edna has been pivotal in running the […]