• What Are You Grateful For?

    Here at Food For The Poor, we are grateful for every single person who has made caring for the poor a priority. Every person who faithfully prays, gives, volunteers and helps spread the word plays a critical role in our ongoing work to uplift our brothers and sisters in need. Thank you for all that […]

  • People dig inside the ruins of a Catholic church in Haiti. Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 earthquake near Port au Prince on January 12, 2011.

    What Giving Does to the Soul and Body

    “Give of yourself, give as much as you can! And you can always, always give something, even if it is only kindness!… Give and you shall receive, much more than you would have ever thought possible. Give, give again and again… No one has ever become poor from giving.” — Anne Frank Food For The […]

  • A Prayer of Gratitude and Compassion

    Every workday, we hold a prayer service at Food For The Poor. On Mondays, it’s a quiet time where we can reflect on our many blessings. We remember those in need here and around the world, and the generous people who help them. Pauline, our Human Resources Director, shared this beautiful prayer recently that was […]

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Their Lives Are a Gift

One of FFP’s planned giving advisors, Via, traveled to Haiti last year, and she sent back this reflection. When we were kids, food was scarce. With eight hungry mouths to feed my mother struggled to put food on the table — never mind something nutritious. The cupboard was often bare. Breakfast was two pieces of […]


FFP in Dominica

Dominica is a jaw-droppingly beautiful place, filled with spectacular beaches, mountains, waterfalls and other protected natural beauty, but nearly a third of all Dominica residents live in poverty. Here are a few more things you might not know about the “Nature Island of the Caribbean.” That cool looking bird on Dominica’s flag is a Sisserou […]

Yvette Mede and her three children lived in a house made out of mud, sticks and rusted scraps of zinc in Manneville, Haiti, which is located near Thomazeau, in the community of Croix-des-Bouquets. Many of its residents are in desperate need of housing and access to clean drinking water. The Medes were one of the families visited by members of the Boca Grande Hope for Haitians Committee who traveled with Food For The Poor in January 2013.

What We Get When We Give

At Food For The Poor, we’re blessed to have dedicated and loving board members like Dr. Lynne Nasrallah. This educator has served on our board for nine years and often travels with us. She also chairs the Orlando “A Celebration of Hope” gala, which builds homes for destitute families in remote areas of Haiti. She […]


Honduras Fishing Villages

I just read a press release from our PR team about a new Food For The Poor Fishing Village initiative in Honduras. Kind donors are equipping local fishing cooperatives in Omoa and Puerto Cortes with new boats, motors, and other fishing equipment to help them increase their catch. It’s uplifting to hear about a great […]

Guatemala houses

You Answered a Family’s Prayers in Guatemala

Angel Aloma, Executive Director of Food For The Poor, is visiting partners and communities in Guatemala along with four FFP colleagues. Hours into his arrival he encountered a family desperately trying to make ends meet. Below is an email he shared with the Food For The Poor staff about the family’s saga. We arrived in Guatemala […]

Planting a Future

Matt Herzel is Food For The Poor’s very talented Multimedia Developer. He traveled to Haiti earlier this year, where he saw how FFPs reforestation efforts are making barren landscapes fruitful once again.  BY: Matt Herzel Travel from the Dominican Republic across the border into Haiti and two things immediately strike you: the beautiful, rugged hills, […]

Odilia prays for scraps of food for her children.

Nothing Grows Here Anymore but Hunger

When staff writer Bonnie Vanak travels, she meets many mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers in the depths of despair. She sits with them and listens as they share their struggles, their dreams and their prayers. Today, Bonnie shares the story of a mother she met in the mountains of Guatemala while on assignment with […]

Ruth and Kathy

A Birthday Wish for Ruth

Kathy Skipper is Director of Public Relations for Food For The Poor. She and her husband Joe have been blessed to sponsor Ruth through the Angels Of Hope program for the last two years. This is a birthday letter to their little girl, who lives at Our Lady of Lourdes Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Food […]


FFP in Guyana

Food For The Poor is marking 23 years of working to help the poor in Guyana this month. To celebrate this anniversary of charitable partnership and cooperation, here are a few things of note about the beautiful South American country. Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America. Despite its large size, the population […]

Water, Life and Hope in Haiti

Having easy access to clean water is one of those incredible blessings we tend to take for granted here in the U.S. We turn taps, draw baths, flush toilets, clean dishes, run the washer, water plants, take showers, hose down children (my kids love dirt), and quench our thirst without much thought. We don’t often […]

Father Richard Martin greets a resident in Haiti.

Ode to a Good Shepherd

Earlier this month, Food For The Poor lost a dear and devoted friend: Fr. Richard Martin. Jim McDaniel, Program Specialist at FFP who worked with Fr. Martin of Church of the Nativity for 16 years, shares his memories. Rev. Richard B. Martin Oct. 17, 1939 – May 3, 2014   By Jim McDaniel Fr. Dick […]

2013 Annual Report

Every day, you, our Food For The Poor donors, change lives and transform communities throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Over the course of a year, that generosity adds up to 365 days worth of miracles, blessings and hallelujahs for poor families. Have a look at just a few things you made possible in 2013. […]

Like Manna from Heaven

“God rained manna upon them for food; bread from heaven He gave them. All ate a meal fit for heroes…” (Psalm 78:24-25a)


5 Things You Might Not Know About Nicaragua

1. Freshwater Sharks – Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, is home to the Lake Nicaragua Shark. (Just a friendly reminder to keep your head on a swivel if you decide to visit and take a dip.) 2. FFP’s Nicaragua Contingent Runs Deep – Nicaraguans on staff here at FFP include our Executive […]

A New Home for a Special Girl

At a recent Thankful Thursday service, FFP’s Haiti Project Manager Delane Bailey-Herd shared a story about a little girl from one of the poorest areas of Haiti she’s developed a special bond with over the years. Here’s her story about a life transformed… “For many years I would go to Shada (a place of deep […]


A Mother Continues the Work Her Son Started

On January 16, 2014, Rosemarie Smith helped build a purple house in Jamaica. She worked alongside family, old friends and new ones, to build the house on the one-year anniversary of her son Kyle Good’s death, in his memory. Then, in a moving ceremony, she handed over the keys to the home to its new […]


Be Like Tessanne

We are grateful for “The Voice” winner Tessanne Chin, and for people like her who use their platform to promote the needs of others. Folks like Tessanne and celebrity chef Ron Duprat who use their star power for good are making such a huge impact on the lives of people in need. Here’s a video […]

Raising Up Future Gold Medalists

Throughout the Caribbean and Latin America (and here in sunny South Florida), you will find world class athletes in many sports like soccer, baseball, cricket, swimming, track & field and many others. If there’s a sport that’s played in warm weather, chances are people in our part of the world excel at it. But “cold […]

Angel Aloma in Haiti

Your Generosity Brings Tremendous Healing

A love letter from our Executive Director Angel Aloma to YOU: When people say to me, “God bless you,” I think to myself that if God were to cut me off at this very moment, I would still die in His debt for how richly he has blessed me. (God, that was just a statement of […]


Finding the Truth About Haiti

Before I left on my first Mission trip to Haiti with Food For The Poor, my coworkers had plenty of advice, musings and experiences to share with me. They told me everything from the mundane (don’t brush your teeth with tap water) to the inspiring (you will never be the same).

Victoria, from left, Kitty and Nancy take a photo before boarding their flight to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

One Week in Haiti

Fourteen people who came from California, Rhode Island and states in between are in Haiti this week to share their blessings and roll up their sleeves. On the agenda: make school children smile, help dish out lifesaving food, paint a home, and be a witness to families living in despair. Victoria, an employee at Food […]

Beekeeping in Jamaica

One of the many ways FFP works to empower (rural and urban) farmers in Jamaica is through beekeeping. In addition to the benefit beekeepers receive from managing hives and producing honey, the projects are great for the bees themselves. With the alarming trend of bee populations being decimated around the world, healthy beekeeping projects are all […]


Pennsylvania Girl Collects Shoes, Sports Equipment for Orphans in Guyana

When 6-year-old Brooke Pasquinelli of Greenberg, PA, saw a story on TV about children sending shoes to orphans in need, she paid close attention. Brooke’s mom, Melissa, says that Brooke was inspired by the program to help children in a similar way. Melissa and her husband Brett are supporters of Food For The Poor, and […]

Survive and Thrive

I was just looking at the FFP website and saw a couple things that grabbed my attention.


We Can Help You Plan for Your Future

There are many creative ways to support the families that Food For The Poor serves. With thoughtful planning, you can make a gift that benefits your family as well as those in dire need in Latin America and the Caribbean. In honor of National Estate Planning Awareness Week, October 21-27, 2013, Food For The Poor […]

Banana Bark Cards

Our Banana Bark Card program offers employment to talented artisans in Haiti and gives them a chance to earn income to provide for their families. The chance to work offers the hope of a more prosperous future.

The Good Things You Make Possible

It’s a difficult task to properly encapsulate the scope of all that Food For The Poor does on a daily basis. There are a lot of moving parts in a lot of different places. With that in mind we made a map that we hope serves as a helpful representation of how much your generosity […]

5-year-old Daniel in El Salvador.

Praying for One

When you hear about poverty statistics, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed.

A mother stands outside a dilapidated shack in Manneville, Haiti. The shacks have dirt floors and leaking roofs which offer little protection during storms.

‘My Burden is Too Large,’ Cries a Grandmother

On a recent trip to Haiti, I traveled to a village called Manneville.  The poverty there was extreme.


Volunteers Sew “Pillowcase Dresses” for Haitian Orphans

When Susan Doellinger learned that her husband, Pastor Paul Doellinger, was traveling to Haiti with Food For The Poor, she wanted to make a contribution, to help children in need.

Angels of Hope Program Director Tricia Syzmanski talks with Carla

Carla, an Angel Of Hope

The Angels Of Hope program sponsors children who were neglected or abandoned. Through the compassionate support of donors, the children are clothed, fed and schooled. Most importantly, they are shown God’s love. Here, Angels Of Hope Program Director Tricia Szymanski visits with Carla, one of the sponsored children benefiting from the program, at a home […]

jack osborne 1

Jimmy’s Story: How a Little Boy Touched a Mission Traveler’s Heart

 Jack Osborne traveled to Jamaica with a Food For The Poor mission group in July. Here, he shares his story. One day during our Mission Trip, while visiting the people of Jamaica, my life was affected dramatically by a very sweet young boy. 

Maria's kitchen

What’s for Dinner in Guatemala?

By Paul Jacobs As a member of Food For The Poor’s radio team, Paul visits remote and rural parts of the countries Food For The Poor serves. Today, he shares a story about a mother he met in Guatemala.

200809_hai_z03_0470 - flood crops

Rainy Season

Here in South Florida we are in the midst of our rainy season. It rains just about every day this time of year. It’s not so bad, so long as you have


Father William Beers Speaks for the Poor

When Father William Beers speaks on Sunday, in a different church each week, he doesn’t use prepared remarks.

Radio host Doug Bursch poses with children in Guatemala during a visit to see how devastating poverty in the country leaves children starved and families desperate.

Even Guatemala’s Beauty Can’t Dim the Dire Poverty

Doug Bursch is a radio host at 820 AM KGNW in Seattle.  He traveled with Food For The Poor to Guatemala, where he met severely malnourished children, visited parents desperately

Bahareque home in El Salvador

A Typical Home for the Rural Poor in El Salvador

“Bahareque” homes, made mostly with bamboo, mud and sticks, are a traditional form of construction still practiced in rural areas of Latin America, including El Salvador.


An Enduring Commitment

One of the things that I have found most inspiring since coming to work at Food For The Poor is our donors’ dedication. I have heard many stories about individuals or groups who have traveled to Haiti or Jamaica three, six, 10 times. They see that the need in these countries persists, and they persevere: […]

Angels of Hope candles

Food For The Poor Donors’ Gifts at Work

By April S. At Ciudad de Niños home, a Food For The Poor-supported orphanage in western El Salvador, the children sell fragrant candles for $1 and make an 80-cent profit with each purchase. The soy wax is provided by generous donors, the glass is made with recycled bottles collected from the area, and the red […]

Bride and Groom

Donating Wedding Gifts to Charity

By Roberta S. Weddings are an amazing time for loved ones to get together and celebrate love and life. In the spirit of celebrating life, love and generosity, some brides and grooms are using their big day as an opportunity to help people in need. Many couples tying the knot these days already have plenty of kitchen […]

Planting the seedlings.

Growing Good Gardens in Guatemala

In a country with the highest rates of child malnutrition in our hemisphere, Food For The Poor is supporting initiatives that are helping poor, isolated communities grow more healthy foods.


Partnerships are an absolute key ingredient in making the work of Food For The Poor efficient and effective.

Tricia, left, and Reina, an Angels of Hope resident, catch up during a visit.

Angels of Hope Homes Turn Neglected Children into Queens and Kings

Our manager of Angels of Hope has met and bonded with hundreds of children who live in the 117 orphanages that Food For The Poor supports. For Tricia, each child is dear to her. This is a story of one child who captured Tricia’s heart and lives up to her name Reina, which means queen […]

Let There Be Light!

On the way in to work last week, I heard a piece on the radio about the high cost of electricity in Jamaica, and the difficulty this causes for the island’s poor (and even the not so poor).

Too many children who don't have enough food end up eating mud pies -- dried cakes of dirt, salt and maybe vegetable shortening.

When Eating Mud Pies Isn’t Child’s Play

In Haiti, many children are fed mud pies, which sometimes are made with vegetable shortening and salt,  when there is nothing else to eat. Francis McGovern, who works at Food For The Poor as a donor service representative, shares his childhood story of sampling mud pies. This was first published on our Facebook page in December. “Here’s […]

Reforesting Haiti

Much has been said and written about Haiti’s deforestation problem. With good reason. Unabated chopping down of trees to produce charcoal – many Haitians’ chief source of fuel – has turned a once lush, beautifully forested country into one of the most deforested countries in the world. This has caused a tremendous amount of issues; […]

The Roman Catholic Notre Dame Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, lies in ruins following  the 2010 earthquake.

‘Beloved Haiti,’ a poem of love and hope

On the third anniversary of the earthquake that crumbled homes and hopes in Haiti, we’d like to share a poem of remembrance and commitment written by Angel Aloma, executive director of Food For The Poor. One of the more powerful lines in his poem, titled “Beloved Haiti,” is this: “Oh Haiti, land enslaved by misery. […]

Paul and his new hero, Nestor.

My New Hero

Here’s a quick one from FFP Radio On-Air Fundraiser Paul Jacobs. He just got back from Guatemala, where he made some new friends and met a new hero. By: Paul Jacobs … so, the way it works is that children are supposed to be served and cared for by us, NOT  run from house to house […]


FFP Fishing Villages

Can you imagine waking up before dawn, fishing all day in the hot sun on an empty stomach, only to return with a few small fish for your hungry family? Add to this the weight of knowing your family is entirely dependent on you to bring home food, and will only be able to eat […]


“A Stitch and a Prayer” for a Family in Need

Food For The Poor’s Donor Relations department always has at least one housing campaign per year, and we have a meeting to sort of “kickoff” the campaign.  With that said, I elected four advisors from Donor Relations to put together some ideas for the kickoff of our “A Stitch and a Prayer” campaign. We were […]


Dreaming of a Brighter Future

His name is Miguel and he is 7. We met him on a research trip to Honduras, where a writer, photographer and project manager team were gathering stories to share with our donors. Miguel lives with his family in the town of San Lorenzo, in the barrio of Altos del Sur, a community of 300 […]

AOH Guyana

A Day of Celebration for orphans

AOH Slideshow by FFP Photographer Hilda Perez They anticipate the day for months. Like children waiting for Christmas, the orphans Food For The Poor’s Angels of Hope (AOH) program supports bubble with excitement over their upcoming Day of Celebration. They constantly talk about the day, ask questions about it and dream about the fun-filled affair. […]

"Alvaro Pereira"

Meet Food For The Poor’s Executive VP

By ROBBY BRUMBERG Recently we spoke with FFP’s Executive Vice President Alvaro Pereira (pictured on the left in the photo above), about his involvement in international development, the importance of houses and happiness, and little bit about badminton. Enjoy! Q: Can you tell us a bit about your background: where you grew up, what sort […]


Feeding hungry tummies in Honduras

Guadalupe Sanchez, director of donations for CEPUDO, a Food For The Poor in-country partner, describes her visit to a feeding center in Honduras: Marvin and Anita visit the feeding center every day. They live in a rented room, in front of the feeding center with their mother, Katia. Their father was killed the year before […]


Before & After: How donor generosity gave a little boy a brighter future

In 2006, when Food For The Poor’s Honduras development team first met him, 8-year-old Gerson David seemed to carry the weight of the world on his small shoulders. His father had abandoned the family, and Gerson alone was left to help his mother, Eliodora, care for his three older siblings — two brothers and a […]

Chicken coop school

From chicken coop to a real school

Thanks to generous Food For The Poor donors, an isolated community in Guatemala that once relied on a chicken coop as a school will soon be getting the real thing. FFP Development Advisor Lisa Thompson shares the story of El Tabacal, now with a new school under construction: El Tabacal, located at 1,139 feet above […]


Traipsing Through Jungles: A Chat with Susan James

Debi, one of our writers, interviewed Susan not too long ago about her always-exciting job that often calls her to some of the most remote, hard-to-reach places in our hemisphere. Read on to learn more about the challenges and the blessings of being FFP’s Project Manager for Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana and the Eastern Caribbean. Debi: […]

Newly branded Marlins baseball team donates old uniforms to kids

In 2012, after the Florida Marlins baseball team rebranded itself as the “Miami Marlins” and the players received new uniforms, outfielder Emilio Bonifacio, traveled with Food For The Poor to the Dominican Republic to generously donate their old uniforms and various baseball equipment to underprivileged youths in the Dominican Republic.

One of Ian’s favorites…

Recently we asked Ian Wood, FFP’s intrepid videographer extraordinaire, to send along one of the favorite videos he’s shot. Here’s what he sent. Hi Food For The Poor blog readers.  This is Ian Wood, the videographer for FFP.  I wanted to share one of my favorite videos with you all.  It highlights Food For The […]


A heart-to-heart

Food For The Poor staff photographer Benjamin Rusnak snapped this poignant photograph of Sister Edna Morales and a young friend in February 2011 during a visit to the FFP-supported nutritional center where she works. Guatemala has the highest rate of child malnutrition in the Western Hemisphere, and Sister Edna has been pivotal in running the […]

Doug in Guatemala.

A Friend of the Poor: Doug Bursch

Doug Bursch is a man of many talents: he’s a pastor, columnist, blogger, teacher and radio host just to name a few. Doug is also a friend to the poor of Guatemala. He traveled to Guatemala with a team of radio hosts earlier this year to meet some of our brothers and sisters there. Since […]

Food For The Poor inaugurates Honduran village

I’m in a village called Valley of the Angels, about 35 minutes outside of Tegucigalpa. It is aptly named, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Before we started our 53 homes here, God had already done His beautiful work – surrounded by lush mountains and two rivers, the poor of this village that […]

What Are You Grateful For?

Here at Food For The Poor, we are grateful for every single person who has made caring for the poor a priority. Every person who faithfully prays, gives, volunteers and helps spread the word plays a critical role in our ongoing work to uplift our brothers and sisters in need. Thank you for all that […]

People dig inside the ruins of a Catholic church in Haiti. Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 earthquake near Port au Prince on January 12, 2011.

What Giving Does to the Soul and Body

“Give of yourself, give as much as you can! And you can always, always give something, even if it is only kindness!… Give and you shall receive, much more than you would have ever thought possible. Give, give again and again… No one has ever become poor from giving.” — Anne Frank Food For The […]

A Prayer of Gratitude and Compassion

Every workday, we hold a prayer service at Food For The Poor. On Mondays, it’s a quiet time where we can reflect on our many blessings. We remember those in need here and around the world, and the generous people who help them. Pauline, our Human Resources Director, shared this beautiful prayer recently that was […]